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Vectek Electronics specializes in the design and supply of high power electronic power converters for industrial, commercial and marine applications. The team of qualified and experienced design engineers ensure innovative power quality solutions match customer needs.

Established in 1992, the company had a vision of building a company to develop a range of electronic power controls to solve power quality problems. Vectron Industries Ltd was incorporated in October 1995 with an added focus of designing and manufacturing leading edge inverter products. It was renamed Vectek Electronics Ltd to develop global markets for a new range of power quality and power conversion products.

Active Voltage Conditioner

  • Protection for sensitive industrial and commercial loads against voltage disturbances
  • Fast, accurate voltage sag correction
    Continuous voltage regulation and load compensation
  • Voltage phase angle and unbalance correction


Power Converter

  • Design to operate off any dock supply
  • Solid State zero-voltage options eliminate mains disturbances
  • Fast response to VAr demand
  • Harmonic and ripple blocking options as standard


Static Transfer Switches

  • Automatic transfer to alternative supply
  • Manual over-ride for force transfer
  • Control typically allows <1/4 cycle transfer between supplies.  
  • Integral manual bypass arrangement




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